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Sometimes you might want to save some space on tables by inserting line breaks into the printout format. Thus it is possible to narrow the width of the display title of each result column

{{#ask: [[Category:Invoice]]
| mainlable=<br />Invoice<br />ID
| ?Invoice date=<br />Invoice<br />date
| ?Invoice rec=<br />Invoice<br />rec
| ?Invoice paid=<br />Invoice<br />paid
| ?Checked by=<br />Employee
| format=table

However this is not possible with the result format CSV. Keeping the line breaks will lead to empty files. You will have to remove them:

{{#ask: [[Category:Invoice]]
| mainlable=Invoice - ID
| ?Invoice date=Invoice - date
| ?Invoice rec=Invoice - rec
| ?Invoice paid=Invoice - paid
| ?Checked by=Employee
| format=csv

Since you may do some formatting in the spreadsheet program of you choice it is not necessary to have line break anyway.

Note: This tip was obsoleted by SMW 1.7.0 since staring a printout instruction with <br /> is not longer possible.