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This site now also offers a registration service for public wikis that run Semantic MediaWiki. This service is accessed via Special:SMWRegistry, and the only information that it directly collects is the URL of wikis that run SMW. The main purposes of this service are

  • to keep an overview of typical uses of SMW,
  • to find interesting and innovative new uses of SMW, and
  • to gather examples of nice wikis that users can be pointed to ("featured sites").

The SMW Project strives to please as many people as possible. When considering new features and software changes, it is therefore important for us to know what is out there. The registry is vital for us to find out about common problems as well as success stories in using SMW.

Which data is collected?[edit]

The service will use the wiki URL to request public information from the wiki (e.g. site name, statistics, language). This data will later be updated at irregular intervals. No personal information, user account data, wiki content, or any other private or protected data is collected. If the wiki is not accessible publicly, then the service will not collect any additional data.

How is the data used?[edit]

The data is used by the SMW Project to get an overview of common wiki uses. This knowledge is important for us to decide about future development goals, and to learn about the main application areas of SMW. Public wiki sites might also be used as references for interested users.

Currently, the registry service merely provides a list of most recently registered wikis with some collected data. This might change later to provide more convenient access to the list of known sites.

Where can I view the registered wikis?[edit]

The page Sites using Semantic MediaWiki is updated manually at irregular intervals. It shows the wikis that were known to be active at the time.

How to unregister a wiki[edit]

All automated requests are executed by a PHP user agent

SMW Registry (

To undo the registration of some wiki at a later stage, it is enough to disallow site access for the user agent SMW Registry (you can use the full string if desired) using robots.txt, and then to "register" the wiki again. In case of problems or questions, feel free to contact us directly.

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.0.0 to 2.1.0.

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