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<i>1914-1918-online – International Encyclopedia of the First World War</i> is an English-language online reference work on World War One. Launched in October 2014, the multi-perspective, public-access encyclopedia is a collaborative project by the largest network of WW1 researchers worldwide, spanning more than 50 countries. 1914-1918-online features innovative navigation and search functions based on semantic wiki technology and will eventually contain more than 1,000 articles.  +
"''Aktanak'' is a repository of information of early stamp seals of the Middle East primarily focusing on Late Neolithic stamp seals. It was initially created to accompany the PhD of Simon Denham, an AHRC funded Collaborative Doctoral Award between the University of Manchester and The British Museum. The thesis was awarded in October 2013. It is the process of being updated to accompany the publication of "Late Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic Stamp Seals in the British Museum", also by Simon Denham and published by the British Museum Press. At present it covers 349 stamp seals and 166 other objects, mostly 'pendants' or sealings."  +
CODECS is a collaborative web platform which draws heavily on data management technologies from Semantic MediaWiki and its spin-offs to accommodate resources for the benefit of scholars of Celtic studies worldwide. By far its most ambitious ongoing project is the *selgā catalogue, a research and teaching tool focusing on annotated descriptions of historical sources (texts and manuscripts) and bibliographic records, with well over 15,000 entries and counting. Also of special note is Tionscadal na Nod, which serves as an aid to interpreting abbreviations and other devices employed by scribes of vernacular Irish manuscripts.  +
SMW for the research on book bindings. Description and images are catalogued.  +
Collection of digital sources for the early history of the German professional and scientific languages  +
Folgerpedia is the Folger Shakespeare Library's collaboratively-edited encyclopedia of all things "Folger." Articles address each topic as it relates to the Folger and the Folger collection. Folgerpedia began in 2014.  +
GATE is a project developed by the Historical Archives of the Pontifical Gregorian University (APUG) to make its holdings freely available on the web. Everybody can read the documents and browse their digitalization. In addition, GATE provides a collaborative enviroment where scholars from all over the world can give their contribution to the transcription, edition and annotation of the documents preserved by APUG.  +
Das Historische Lexikon Bayerns ist ein ausschließlich online erscheinendes Sachlexikon zur bayerischen Geschichte. Allen an der Geschichte Bayerns Interessierten bietet es Informationen auf dem aktuellen Stand der Forschung. Das Lexikon entsteht als zentrales wissenschaftliches Nachschlagewerk zu allen Fragen der bayerischen Geschichte von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart.  +
Interlinking Pictura, a DIPF (Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education) project, presents selected content from [ pictura paedagogica online], an image archive about the history of education. Images and texts (e.g. from the german children's illustrated encyclopedia "Bilderbuch für Kinder") are annotated and linked to Wikidata entries in a crowdsourcing project.  +
Website by David Shaw about editions of Juvenal printed before 1601.  +
"Lexicon Leponticum (LexLep) is a web-based, interactive platform based on the MediaWiki open source application. The aim of LexLep is to set up an interactive online etymological dictionary of the Lepontic and Cisalpine Gaulish language that is freely accessible for all users. In addition to information about linguistic and etymological features of the Lepontic language, it includes substantial data about the epigraphic, archaeological and historical context of the inscriptions as well. LexLep is a living lexicon comparably to other Wikis. Its content will constantly grow and be revised. In its current state LexLep is a valuable and innovative resource in Celtic historical linguistics; it must, however, be remembered that it is not a final, finished edition. "  +
"The Manuscript Desk is an online environment in which manuscript pages can be uploaded, manuscript pages can be transcribed, and collations of transcriptions can be performed. The Manuscript Desk builds on, and extends different software components used in the Digital Humanities. The project is open-source, licenced under the GNU License. Full installation instructions, and additional information on the technical structure of the software can be found on GitHub. [...] The Manuscript Desk is currently in its testing phase."  +
KALLIMACHOS project aimed at providing a digital edition of the German satire <i>Das Narrenschiff</i> (English: <i>Ship of Fools</i>).  +
''Opera Camerarii'' is a project of the Digital Humanities Center at the University of Würzburg which offers collections of all printed publications and letters of Joachim Camerarius (1500-1574).  +
Die Lexika von Baader und Lipowsky sind historische Nachschlagewerke, die Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts erschienen sind und Biographien bedeutender Persönlichkeiten verzeichnen. Zur Personenrecherche wurden diese Lexika vollständig gescannt und jeder Personeneintrag im Volltext in der ursprünglichen Form ohne redaktionelle Korrekturen erfasst. Zusätzlich besteht die Möglichkeit, sich den Scan der zugehörigen Seite anzeigen zu lassen.  +
A presentation of luxury bindings in the collection of the Bavarian State Library.  +
Semantic Collaborative Corpora Analysis (Semantic CorA) is a virtual research environment developed (VRE) by KIT and DIPF. It provides a modular plattform of tools for collaborative analysis of large amounts of data.  +
THESPIS.DIGITAL is a research project building a digital archive about German-speaking theatre groups in the 17th and 18th centuries.  +
"<em>Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum</em> (TIR) is an online edition of the Raetic inscriptions in the form of an interactive online platform of the MediaWiki type. It was created during an FWF-funded research project (no. P 25495) conducted at the Department for Linguistics of the University of Vienna. Funding ran from 24th June 2013 until 23rd June 2016. [...] The aim of the TIR project was a comprehensive collection, display and linguistic analysis of the inscriptions which are considered part of the Raetic corpus. The project therefore comprised the following tasks: * Collecting all Raetic inscriptions hitherto known, including those of doubtful status. * Examining the original inscriptions, and documenting them, including photos, drawings and photogrammetry. * Collecting and examining the secondary literature concerning both the individual inscriptions, and Raetic language and script, archaeology, and history in general. * Creating a database and online interactive platform capable of displaying the inscriptions in an online corpus, with all aspects of the inscriptions (linguistic, archaeological, and graphematic data) documented exhaustively."  +
The Transcription Desk is the heart of a major online initiative to transcribe the manuscripts of the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham. It is managed by the Bentham Project at University College London.  +