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How Semantic MediaWiki tries to minimize its influence on the page loading time
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A page (content object that commands information display) is build with the help of different sources (mediawiki-core, extensions etc.) and the effective (as in experienced time) page loading time depends on various factors including:

  • Parser functions that are part of a page content (incl. embedded queries provided by #ask)
  • jQuery modules required to be loaded (mw:ResourceLoader)
  • DB responsiveness to serve a single/multiple view requests
  • Usage of responsive cache providers (redis, Varnish, Squid etc.)

Semantic MediaWiki tries to minimize the influence it has on the page loading time by employing different strategies such as:


Restrict functionality

Limit query execution

  • Query performance related settings
  • Embedded links to queries (limit=0) will have no adverse effect since the QueryEngine isn't used and therefore are mostly free from any performance implications

Dynamic result printers

  • Ajax supported result printers

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