Dom zu Unserer Lieben Frau
Dom zu Unserer Lieben Frau
Munich is a city in Germany, with a population of 1,353,186 in 2010 and an area of 310.43 km²
119.86 sqmi
. Munich is located in the south of Germany. It rains on 129.4 days per year on average.

Points of interest

Dom zu Unserer Lieben Frau, Schloss Nymphenburg

Facts about "Munich"
Average rainy days129.4 +
Has area310.43 km² (119.86 sqmi) +
Has imageFile:3363305632 c136da22e7 z.jpg +
Has point of interestDom zu Unserer Lieben Frau + and Schloss Nymphenburg +
Located inGermany +
Population1,353,186 +