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This page provides an overview of all available parameters when using the "googlemaps" service. See also the examples for how to use them.

Parameter Type Default Description
zoom whole number no The zoom level for the map. For maps with markers this will default to the most zoomed in level that still shows all markers.
defzoom whole number 14 Allows setting the default zoom level of the map.
layers list of texts OpenStreetMap The layers that will be available in the layer selector. The first layer will be shown when the map loads.
overlaylayers list of texts empty The overlay layers that will be shown when the map loads.
resizable yes/no no Makes the map resizable by dragging at its lower right corner.
enablefullscreen yes/no no Enable fullscreen button
scrollwheelzoom yes/no yes Indicates if mouse scrolling should be enabled or not.
markercluster yes/no no Allows merging of multiple nearby markers into one marker
clustermaxzoom whole number 20 The maximum zoom level where clusters may exist.
clusterzoomonclick yes/no yes Whether the default behaviour of clicking on a cluster is to zoom into it.
clustermaxradius whole number 80 The maximum radius that a cluster will cover.
clusterspiderfy yes/no yes When you click a cluster at the bottom zoom level we spiderfy it so you can see all of its markers.
geojson text empty URL of a file or name of the page containing GeoJSON data