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Maps examplesMaps examples/Google Maps visited icon

Usage of the visited icon functionality added in Maps 2.0.

  • This can be specified using the "visitedicon" parameter.
  • This can also be specified per point as per point parameter, as sixth argument after the point coordinates.

You can generate maps with points that have this option set via the MapEditor special page.

Using the global parameter[edit]

<display_map service="googlemaps3" visitedicon="File:Green_marker.png">
Loading map...

Using per point parameters[edit]

 50.958426723359935,10.2392578125~Germany~ ~ ~ ~ ~File:Green_marker.png;
 46.98025235521883,2.4169921875~France~ ~ ~ ~ ~File:Blue_marker.png;
Loading map...

Starting June 11, 2018 the free usage of the Google Maps APIs is limited to 28,000 calls a month for dynamic maps. As soon as this monthly limit is reached no more maps will be served that month for this wiki by Google.