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Maps provides the #finddestination parser function which allows finding the destination coordinates given a starting location, a bearing (direction) and a distance.


{{#coordinates:<starting location>
 | bearing=<number>
 | distance=<distance>
 | format=<optional coordinate format>
 | directional=<optional yes/no>


Parameter Default Description
location required The starting location, either an address that will be geocoded or coordinates in any of the supported formats
bearing required The direction in which the destination location is
distance required The distance the destination is from the starting location. In any of the supported distance formats (see egMapsDistanceUnits)
format dms (changeable in wiki config with egMapsCoordinateNotation) The format to convert the coordinates to (available formats can be restricted in the wiki config with egMapsAvailableCoordNotations)
directional yes (changeable in wiki config with egMapsCoordinateDirectional) Indicates if the coordinates should be outputted directional or not. Must be either yes or no.


Using the required parameters[edit]

{{#finddestination:Berlin|bearing=1|distance=100 km}}

Result: 53° 24' 58.39" N, 13° 24' 54.70" E

Specifying the output coordinate format[edit]

{{#finddestination:Berlin|bearing=1|distance=100 km|format=dd|directional=no}}

Result: 53.416218°, 13.415193°