Maps extension
Installation and Configuration
Displaying maps
Customizing maps
Displaying GeoJSON
Converting coordinates
SMW integration
Storing coordinates
Aggregating onto a map
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You can find a list of all settings supported by maps in the Maps settings file. To see which ones are supported by the version of Maps you have, look in its Maps_Settings.php file, which can be found in the root directory.

If you are not familiar with MediaWiki configuration, consult the LocalSettings.php manual. Do not edit Maps_Settings.php directly, as this will likely cause problems when you upgrade.

As of version 6.0 of Maps, you will need to load the Maps_Settings.php file before changing the default settings. Example Maps_Settings.php file:

wfLoadExtensions( [ 'Maps' ] );

require_once __DIR__ . '/extensions/Maps/Maps_Settings.php';

$GLOBALS['egMapsDefaultService'] = 'leaflet';
$GLOBALS['egMapsMapWidth'] = 500;