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Jqplotpie format
Produces a pie chart using the jqPlot Javascript library
Scenarios, examples, demos
Example: JqPlot Pie
Further Information
Provided by: Extension "Semantic Result Formats"
Added: 1.5.1
Removed: 1.7.1
Succeeded by: jqplotchart
Requirements: none
Format name: jqplotpie
Enabled? Indicates whether the result format is enabled by default upon installation of the respective extension. yes
Authors: Sanyam Goyal , Yaron Koren , James Hong Kong
Categories: charts
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The result format jqplotpie, part of Extension "Semantic Result Formats", is used to display a pie chart of number values, using the jqPlot Javascript library.

NoteNote: This format has been deprecated with SRF 1.8, please use jqplotchart instead.



 [[Category:City]] [[located in::Germany]]

See the scenario link.

Chart formats[edit]

These are the chart related result formats provided by Semantic MediaWiki and extensions to Semantic MediaWiki.

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