John Doe

 [[foaf:name::John Doe]] has the homepage [[foaf:homepage::]].
 His best friend is [[foaf:knows::Jane Doe]]. 

John Doe has the homepage His best friend is Jane Doe. FOAF file

Statements in the exported RDF[edit]

  <Foaf:name rdf:datatype="">John Doe</foaf:name>
  <Foaf:homepage rdf:resource=""/>
  <Foaf:knows rdf:resource=""/>
  <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>

RDF Export

Linking external FOAF files[edit]

If you already have a FOAF file, you will want to connect it with your article within this wiki. This is indeed very simple: just write

 [[See also::http://the.location.of/your/FOAF/file]]

on your page to include an rdfs:seeAlso pointer. An even easier way to link a single FOAF file is to use the parameter "FOAF" of the template Template:Person which is very handy for building personal pages anyway.