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Their should be an easy to follow How Do I get started guide with plenty of visual aids, so people don't feel lost with the amount of information provided and you always can hint to the more technical manuals within this wiki. It should be a greeting card on how easily one can get familiar with Semantic MediaWiki.

Phase 1 - Building a table of contents (until 2011-11-30?)[edit]

This will be the table of contents for the guide:

First Proposal[edit]

  • What is Semantic Mediawiki
  • How Do I create a simple annotation
  • How Do I browse semantic content
    • Special:Browse
    • Special:Ask
    • Factbox
  • How Do I create an ontology
  • How Do I set it up
  • What Do I need
    • MediaWiki
    • Semantic MediaWiki
    • Validator
    • Semantic Forms
    • Semantic Result Formats
  • How Do I install Semantic Mediawiki

Second Proposal[edit]

The idea is that the basic (I'm feeling lucky to get the ball moving) and intermediate (I'm feeling more comfortable to kick the ball myself) level are to focus on the core SMW functionality without any additional extensions while the advanced (I am able to the kick the ball and make a backflip at the same time) focuses on SF and SRF functionality.

Level Table of Contents Objectives
Basics (Create semantics)
  • What is Semantic MediWiki (SMW) all about
  • Installation of the Semantic MediWiki (core)
    • Extension:Validator
    • Extension:Semantic MediaWiki
  • How Do I create semantic content (annotations)
    • Properties and existing types
    • Values as red links or simple text
  • Classification, ontology, taxonomy, and other terms
  • I understand the difference between properties and values
  • I understanding how to make an annotation
  • I understand how to browse properties via Special:Browse and Special:Properties
Intermediate (Browse semantics)
  • How Do I browse semantic content
    • Inline #ask, #show
    • Special:Ask
  • What is the difference between categories, concepts, and properties
  • I'm able to reuse various data via inline #ask and know how to use Special:Ask
  • I understand categories, subcategories, concepts, and sub-properties
  • I am able to display semantic data as table, list
Advanced (Interact)
  • Advanced components to increase usability
    • Extension:Semantic Forms (SF)
    • Extension:Semantic Results Formats (SRF)
  • How Do I use Semantic Forms
  • How can I use internal objects (#subobjects) to represent more complex data (statistics etc.)
  • How Do I use Semantic Results Formats to extend display formats
    • Using templates to display semantic data
    • Using graphic elements (gallery, maps, calendar, jqplot etc.)
  • How Do I make my MW more semantic?
  • How Do I import data into SMW
  • How Do I export semantic content
  • I'm able to create forms to fit personal requirements
  • I'm able to use graphic elements (maps, charts, images etc) via SRF to increase visualization
  • Misconceptions about SMW
  • Triple-store and RDF
  • Performance and optimization
  • FAQ's and support

Related visual aids[edit]

Phase 2 - Writing the guide (until 2011-12-23?)[edit]

Phase 3 - Proofreading and preparing release (until 2012-01-12?)[edit]

Miscellaneous content[edit]