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New Extension for setting up Sparql Endpoint[edit]

There is now a Extension:SparqlExtension available, which should make setting up a Sparql Endpoint and integrating query results into wiki pages much easier. While tested with Joseki and Jena TDB, it's generic enough that with a little coding people will be able to hook up other triplestores as well. It's still beta, but in our own experience it's rather stable, and we hope to get feedback about the aspects that need to be improved. ChrisDavis 11:09, 4 May 2010 (UTC)

SPARQL endpoint for SMW installation[edit]

I have setup RDF API for PHP (RAP) as described here and guided by these instructions.

Then completed setup Net API as described here.

Following successful completion of above installation steps, I can now perform some trivial queries against my SMW installation;

Dynamic model generated from Wiki contents.

A static RDF file.

Query my model using an external SparQL client[edit]

For a SparQL client, I use this Web GUI:

The following query dumps the entire triple store...
Default Graph URI:
Query text: select distinct ?a ?b ?c where{?a ?b ?c}

Query my model using HTTP[edit]{?a%20?b%20?c}

Challenges meriting further investigation[edit]

  • Only pages with {{ }} annotations are presented in result.
    • This seems to have resolved itself - perhaps related to a caching issue.
  • Even after a certain page is deleted from my Wiki, it still shows up subsequent query results.
  • Result of the query does not match RDF from script SMW_dumpRDF.php

I would be very interested to hear from someone with similar experiences setting up SparQL endpoint for SMW installation,


Fully PHP based alternative solution to SPARQL Endpoint[edit]

A SPARQL Endpoint based on the ARC2, PHP based RDF library and it's RDF Store (PHP/MySQL), is also available through the RDFIO Extension. It includes update functionality via the SMWWriter extension.

Alternative SPARQL endpoint with 4store, an efficient, scalable and stable RDF database[edit]

Like SMW_STORE_RAP for RAP, the extension LinkedWiki has a connector for 4Store and several parsers functions with Sparql. Linkedwiki doesn't move the ontology of SMW so ExportRDF of SMW is the same RDF in the endpoint.

--Karima Rafes 14:07, 21 August 2010 (UTC)

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