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About the Section "Comparison of Semantic MediaWiki RDF store connectors": Shouldn't the "Import triples (Update facts in wiki articles)" column for "SMW+ Triple Store Connector" state yes (instead of no as at the moment)? => See where they talk about updating the triple store...

I think it should still state no, since what I see on the Ontoprise site refers to just updating the triplestore via SPARUL, which is probably how they manage to keep the triplestore in sync with the semantic data on the wiki. The column you refer to in the table was first discussed here and is based on the following comment from the creator of the RDFIO extension:

What would you think about adding a column for "Enable writing to wiki", "RDF Import" or similar, which is the main motivation behind RDFIO, which allows updating wiki articles from the SPARQL endpoint.

It would be good to change the name of this column if we can figure out a clearer description. Although I haven't looked into RDFIO that deeply, renaming this column might be a bit of a nuanced discussion, since I know that the SparqlExtension can allow writing of facts to the wiki, particularly if you pass query results to templates that set semantic properties. However, unlike RDFIO, it doesn't use SMWWriter, which likely has some implications for how these different extensions should be characterized. ChrisDavis 23:07, 29 November 2010 (CET)

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