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Output tree getting distorted after number of result lines ( number of the branches) is greater than 50

We are using the oltree format to view a hierarchically linked data. The tree is ordered using a semantic property called Order and is filtered using a semantic property called Type.

The query is working fine and getting an ordered tree. But when the number of results get larger, the tree get distorted and some of the results are not shown. We did an analysis and found that this is happening when the number of results is greater than 50 .

Following is the sample query

{{#ask: [[Category:Sample]][[Parent::+]][[Type::New]] |?Business Objective= | format=oltree | parent=Parent | sort=Order | order=ASC }}

Environment :

  • MediaWiki 1.21.2
  • Semantic MediaWiki (Version
  • Semantic Result Formats (Version 1.8)

Can someone please help us to resolve this.

09:54, 12 May 2014

Hi All,

Please ignore the question, that was a bad miss from me while reading the documentation.

Answer : add limit=500 to your query to get more results.

I got the answer from Leo . Please check the below link

16:59, 12 May 2014