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This help page is about testing Semantic MediaWiki after the initial installation of the software in case you are uncertain that everything went well.

Verify installation success[edit]

Navigate to special page "Special:Version". You should see "Semantic MediaWiki (Version x.x.x)" listed in the top section called "Semantic Extensions".

Verify annotation usage[edit]

Testing SMW - Step 1 and 2
Testing SMW - Step 1 and 2
Testing SMW - Step 3 and 4
Testing SMW - Step 3 and 4
Testing SMW - Step 5
Testing SMW - Step 5
  1. Create a regular wiki page named "TestSMW".
  2. Before saving, enter the following wiki text within the edit field:
    Property test: [[Property name::Property value]]
  3. Now save the page and you will see the following displayed on the page:
    "Property test: Property value"
  4. Navigate to special page "Special:Browse" by clicking on the link "Browse properties" in the "tools" section of your wiki's sidebar.
  5. On this special page you will see:
    • the property "Propery name" and the value "Propery value", both in red
    • the special property "Modification date" in blue and italics as well as the value e.g. "5 February 2014 23:42:29" (the timestamp when the page was saved).
  6. Semantic MediaWiki was successfully tested!