Help:Using Composer/Copying and transferring files to a server

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NoteNote: Access to a server is needed for this to work, so you might have to ask somebody to do this.

If due to some configuration restrictions on part of the hosting company or missing CLI access, it it is suggested to run a local copy and upload the generated files together with the /vendor directory to the target destination:

  1. Create a directory on your server which is able to handle Composer:
    mkdir w
    Change "w" to the name of the script path you are using for your wiki.
  2. Change into the newly created directory:
    cd w
  3. Place your "composer.json" (MW 1.23.x) or "composer.local.json" (≥ MW 1.24.x) file in this directory.
  4. Run Composer to generate the necessary directories and files either with
    php composer.phar update
    if Composer was installed locally (see above) in this directory or
    composer update
    if Composer was installed globally. You will get the new subdirectories called /extensions/ and /vendor/.
  5. Copy the contents of the "/w/" directory and its subdirectories to the destination on the server which cannot handle Composer.
  6. Do the rest of the installation of SMW and enjoy!