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  Using the undocumented magic property SMW::off to turn off SMW processing does not work, since semantics are switched on on the individual pages. This namespace does not store semantic annotations at all.

This "book" is the Semantic MediaWiki User's Guide at {{fullurl: {{BASEPAGENAME}} }} formatted for print. Note that some there are also [[PDF manual|PDF versions]] of some manuals of SMW.


{{print entry|User manual|Help:User manual}}
{{print entry|Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki|Help:Introduction to Semantic MediaWiki}}
{{print entry|Browsing interfaces|Help:Browsing interfaces}}
{{print entry|Semantic search|Help:Semantic search}}
{{print entry|Selecting pages|Help:Selecting pages}}
{{print entry|Displaying information|Help:Displaying information}}
{{print entry|Concepts|Help:Concepts}}
{{print entry|Inline queries|Help:Inline queries}}
{{print entry|Inferencing|Help:Inferencing}}
{{print entry|Editing|Help:Editing}}
{{print entry|Properties and types|Help:Properties and types}}
{{print entry|Custom units|Help:Custom units}}
{{print entry|Semantic templates|Help:Semantic templates}}
{{print entry|Service links|Help:Service links}}
{{print entry|Annotation naming guideline|Help:Annotation naming guideline}}
{{print entry|Semantic Web|Help:Semantic Web}}
{{print entry|RDF export|Help:RDF export}}
{{print entry|Reuse|Help:Reuse}}
{{print entry|Import vocabulary|Help:Import vocabulary}}
{{print entry|Ontology import|Help:Ontology import}}
{{print entry|Administrator manual|Help:Administrator manual}}

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