Help:Type Area


This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.0 to 1.5.6.

Help:Type Area en 1.0 1.5.6

Datatype Area takes numerical values and units for denoting surface areas.

To allow users to enter values in different units of measurement, this page specifies several custom unit for this datatype:

  • [[corresponds to::1 m², m<sup>2</sup>, sqm, square meter, square meters, square metre, square metres]]
  • [[corresponds to::0.000001 km², km<sup>2</sup>, sqkm, square kilometer, square kilometers, square kilometre, square kilometres]]
  • [[corresponds to::0.0001 ha, hectare, hectares]]
  • [[corresponds to::3.86102158542e-7 miles², sqml, sqmi, sq mi, ml², mi², mi<sup>2</sup>, square miles]]
  • [[corresponds to::1.96051e-15 earths]] (used for astronomical objects in [[Property:Surface area]])

Editors can add more units and alternative representations. To allow users to enter units in several forms, you add alternate representations separated by commas; for example this datatype supports "squared" using <sup>2</sup> or a Unicode character.

The main unit is the first unit with 1:1 correspondence; for this datatype it is m². In the factbox and inline queries, values display converted into this unit first (unless a property specifies different display units).

Custom datatypes like Area were dropped starting with Semantic MediaWiki 1.6.0.