Several result formats exist to deliver descriptive statistics from ask queries.

Min minimum value (smallest observation)
Lower Quartile first quartile (Q1 = 25th percentile)
Median middle value (Q2 = 50th percentile, separating the greater and lesser halves of a data set)
Upper Quartile second quartile (Q3 = 75th percentile)
Max maximum value (largest observation)
Average arithmetic mean (Sum of values of a data set divided by number of values)
Mode mode (most frequent value in a data set)
Variance variance (squared deviation from the mean)
Standard deviation standard deviation (square root of the variance)
Interquartile range interquartile range (difference between upper and lower quartiles)
Interquartile mean interquartile mean (truncated mean of the interquartile range)
Sum sum of values

There can be differences in calculation whether or not the query returns all values (total population) or just a set of values (sample), e. g. Samplevariance and Samplestandarddeviation.