Example on how to use the #set "template" parameter

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"template" parameter to #set
This page describes the "template" parameter to the "#set" parser function.
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Starting with Semantic MediaWiki 2.2.0 the #set parser function supports a template parameter |template= with which it is possible to add #ask queries (or similar context information) to an individual silent annotation.


 |Has keyword=Set;Template usage;#set

The SetToUseTemplateForAskQuery template is used to auto-generate query links for the annotated property/value pairs.

{{#ifexpr: {{{#}}} > 0 |  ·  }}{{#ask:


· Template usage

· #set

NoteNote: Click on the links (=query links) to access the generated query.

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See this help page for more examples on who to use the template parameter with the #set parser function.