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Property groupHelp:Property group – How to create a property group

This help page explains how to create a property group.

Mandatory steps[edit]

  1. Create a category like e.g. "Category:Special property related documentation properties"
  2. Add {{#set: Is property group=true }} as an annotation to the category
  3. Add category "Category:Special property related documentation properties" to properties which should compose a property group, e.g. "Property:Has special property name"

Optional steps[edit]

  1. Add a label to be shown instead of the category name to the respective system message like e.g. system message "MediaWiki:Smw-property-group-label-special-property-related-documentation-properties". The system message is composed of "Smw-property-group-label-" and the category name e.g. "special-property-related-documentation-properties". All letters are small and connected with hyphens instead of underscores as it is usually done for naming categories.
  2. Add a translated label for the different languages needed on the wiki. They are added to the language specific subpages, e.g. to system message subpage "MediaWiki:Smw-property-group-label-special-property-related-documentation-properties/de"