Help:Namespace prefix


Subjects that are distinguished by a namespace prefix (separated with a colon :) represent the broadest level of classification that the MediaWiki software has build-in support.

Query usage[edit]

According to Magic words (Page names), {{PAGENAME}} contains the "Full page title (including all subpage levels) without the namespace" where {{FULLPAGENAME}} is to hold the "Namespace and full page title (including all subpage levels)".

For example, a subject User:Foo with a query containing either {{FULLPAGENAME}} or {{PAGENAME}} will differ in its results:

  • {{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |?Modification date#MEDIAWIKI }} where {{FULLPAGENAME}} creates a reference to [[User:Foo]]
  • {{#show: {{PAGENAME}} |?Modification date#MEDIAWIKI }} with {{PAGENAME}} is expected to create a reference to [[Foo]]

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