Help:Moderntimeline format

Moderntimeline format
Displays query results in modern interactive timelines
Further Information
Provided by: Extension "Modern Timeline"
Added: 3.0.0
Removed: still supported
Requirements: none
Format name: moderntimeline
Enabled? Indicates whether the result format is enabled by default upon installation of the respective extension. yes
Authors: Jeroen De Dauw
Categories: time
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The result format moderntimeline is used to display query results in interactive timelines. This format is provided by extension "Modern Timeline"Provides a modern timeline visualization for Semantic MediaWiki as a result format. Obviously, only results that include properties of datatype "Date"Holds particular points in time can be displayed in this way. This format only works when JavaScript is enabled.

See result format "timeline"Displays query results in interactive timelines and result format "eventline"Displays query results in interactive eventlines for older implementations.


This format uses printout statements in queries for properties of datatype "Date"Holds particular points in time. If the timeline remains empty even though there are results, this is usually because no printouts for dates were specified.


Parameter Aliases Type Default Description
width - number and dimensional unit 100% Timeline width in %. Can also be specified in px, em and ex
height - number and dimensional unit 400px Timeline height in pixels. Can also be specified in em and ex
bookmark - yes/no no Make the timeline bookmarkable via the page URL
background - text white Background color for the timeline slides (CSS color values)
scale factor scalefactor whole number 2 Timeline width in screen widths at first presentation
position - text bottom Display the timeline navigation at the top or at the bottom
tick width tickwidth whole number 100 Optimal distance (in pixels) between ticks on the axis
start slide startslide whole number 1 The first slide to display when the timeline is loaded
start at end startatend yes/no no Start with the last timeline slide
transition duration duration, transitionduration whole number 1000 Slide transition in milliseconds
navigation height navigationheight number and dimensional unit 200px Height of the timeline navigation section in % or px
template - text empty Name of a template to show the slide area with
image property imageproperty, image, imageproperty text empty Semantic property of type Page. Needs to be queried as print request

Available values for parameters:

  • position: Available values are bottom, top


 [[News date::+]]
 [[Language code::en]]
 [[Is duplicate page::false]]
 |?News date
 |start at end=yes

This produces the following output: