Help:Math related result formats


These are the math related result formats provided by Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions:

FormatDescriptionHelp pageProvided byAdded inEnabledAuthors
averageDisplays the average of all queried numerical dataAverage formatSemantic Result Formats1.4.2trueYaron Koren
countReturns just the number of results, instead of the results themselves.Count formatSemantic MediaWiki0.7trueMarkus Krötzsch
maxDisplays the maximum of all queried numerical dataMax formatSemantic Result Formats1.4.2trueYaron Koren
medianDisplays the median of all queried numerical dataMedian formatSemantic Result Formats1.6.0trueJeroen De Dauw
minDisplays the minimum of all queried numerical dataMin formatSemantic Result Formats1.4.2trueYaron Koren
productDisplays the product of all queried numerical dataProduct formatSemantic Result Formats1.6.0trueJeroen De Dauw
sumDisplays the sum of all queried numerical dataSum formatSemantic Result Formats1.4.2trueNathan Yergler

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