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Listwidget format
Outputs results with a navigation or pagination widget for lists (ordered and unordered)
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Further Information
Provided by: Extension "Semantic Result Formats"
Added: 1.8.0
Removed: still supported
Requirements: none
Format name: listwidget
Enabled? Indicates whether the result format is enabled by default upon installation of the respective extension. yes
Authors: James Hong Kong
Categories: misc
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The result format listwidget, provided by extension "Semantic Result Formats"Provides additional formats for semantic queries, is a navigation widget that extends the standard list printer with:

  • An alphabet-based widget (either as list or menu) to any unordered or ordered list
  • A pagination widget

The navigation widget can be useful for larger list sets such as directories, alphabet lists etc.


Format specific
Parameter Type Default Description
class text empty Specify an additional cascading style sheet class
listtype text unordered Specify the list type
widget text alphabet Available widget
pageitems whole number 5 Items per page
Available values for the parameters listed above:
  • listtype: unordered, ordered (default: unordered)
  • widget: alphabet, menu, pagination (default: alphabet)


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