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The template {{#set:Link target=Template:Link |Link title= }}{{#set:Link targetPage=Template:Link}}Template:Link is a helper to get information about links on pages. It's purpose is:

  1. simplifiying the usage of links
  2. unifying the usage of links
  3. keeping track of link information in a semantic way

By using the {{#set:Link target=Template:Link |Link title= }}{{#set:Link targetPage=Template:Link}}Template:Link you can query about the usage of Links being placed on page in this fassion. One usecase is the {{#set:Link target=Template:WhatLinksHere |Link title= }}{{#set:Link targetPage=Template:WhatLinksHere}}Template:WhatLinksHere template. It allows to query for the pages that link to the current page.



{{#ask: Link target::Help:Link Template |format=ul }}