Help:Image tips


#Show/Ask for inline images[edit]

The steps used to #show (or #ask) for images:

(1) Set the image:[edit]

{{#set: Has image=File:Picture.jpeg}}

(2) Set the property type for "Property:Has image" to Page:[edit]

[[Has type::Page]]

(3) Show the image:[edit]

{{#show: <Pagename>|?Has image }}

This will set, and display the image inline.

However, the image is full size, and you may want to set attributes and styles with it. The way to set styles is using the '#" for the first parameter and ';' for subsequent parameters.

In order to set the width-max, height-max and set the thumb on the image, while displaying it -- try the following:

{{#show: <Pagename>|?Has image#100px;x100px;thumb}}

More examples available at:

NoteNote: Thanks to Karsten for this tip