Help:Export related result formats


These are the export related result formats provided by SMW and extensions to SMW:

PageFormatDescriptionProvided byAdded inEnabledAuthors
CSV formatcsvOutputs results in Windows-style Comma Separated Value format.Semantic MediaWiki1.2.1trueNathan Yergler
Markus Krötzsch
James Hong Kong
DSV formatdsvOutputs results in *NIX-style Delimiter Separated Value format.Semantic MediaWiki1.6.0trueJeroen De Dauw
KML formatkmlExports geographical data into KML formatSemantic Maps1.0trueJeroen De Dauw
RDF formatrdfExports results in RDF-based serialisations.Semantic MediaWiki1.5.5trueMarkus Krötzsch
ICalendar formaticalendarExports data in iCalendar format.Semantic Result Formats1.4.2trueMarkus Krötzsch
Denny Vrandečić
Jeroen De Dauw