Help:Export related result formats


These are the export related result formats provided by SMW and extensions to SMW:

PageFormatDescriptionProvided byAdded inEnabledAuthors
CSV formatcsvOutputs semantic data in Windows-style Comma Separated Value formatSemantic MediaWiki1.2.1trueNathan Yergler
Markus Krötzsch
DSV formatdsvOutputs semantic data in UNIX-style Delimiter Separated Value formatSemantic MediaWiki1.6.0trueJeroen De Dauw
KML formatkmlExports geographical data into KML formatSemantic Maps1.0trueJeroen De Dauw
RDF formatrdfExport result table as RDFSemantic MediaWiki1.5.5trueMarkus Krötzsch
ICalendar formaticalendarExports data in iCalendar format.Semantic Result Formats1.4.2trueMarkus Krötzsch
Denny Vrandečić
Jeroen De Dauw