Help:Enhancing query forms

Enhancing query forms
Generates a link to Special:RunQuery
Further Information
Provided by: Semantic Forms
Minimum version: 1.7.1
Maximum version: still supported
Function: yes
Tag: no
Name: #queryformlink
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The #queryformlink parser function generates a link to a Special:RunQuery page and depending on the parameters can contain pre-filled form fields. It is provided by the Page Forms (formerly Semantic Forms) extension.

The syntax for #queryformlink is:

{{#queryformlink:form=|link text=|tooltip=|popup|wpRunQuery=true|query string parameters}}

An in-depth description of this parser function is available on this page.


Option Description
form specifies the SF form
link text specifies the link text to be displayed
popup display the RunQuery in a popup where additional queries and form fields are disabled
wpRunQuery=true immediately process the RunQuery with its pre-filled forms fields
query string parameters describe by Form-Template[Template-Field]=value

Using the #queryformlink function


|link text=Related queries


Status : deployed Contact : James Hong Kong (Tracking request: 34309)

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.7.1 to the most current version.