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This page provides a behind the curtain view to the "datatables" format.

UI components that are not part of the original DataTables library (such as the query panel or refresh button) are implemented as $.widget making it possible to separate display logic from table content.

srf.formats.datatables() contains all methods necessary to initialize the DataTables table as well as to ensure proper result object parsing, and update via Ajax.

Generally, the implementation was driven by the desire to ensure a responsive browser and page display behavior therefore in case of thumbnails those are successively loaded and placed within each cell after the table has been initialized in order to limit constraints during parsing and table content generation.

Help:Using QUnit do accompany the implementation to ensure that elementary functions can be tested.

  • ext.srf.widgets.optionslist.test.js
  • ext.srf.widgets.panel.test.js
  • ext.srf.widgets.parameters.test.js
  • ext.srf.formats.datatables.test.js

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