Help:Content changes


The normal process to change structured data (properties, property values) is via the editing process where a wiki page (which in SMW terms represents the master against its internal back-end is replicated) and its content is altered by a user.

Changing property values without changing the corresponding wiki page (where the data originates) via an SMW specific API is not supported because it is expected that the back-end and the wiki page are in sync and contain the same data.

Changes via a template[edit]

Alterations to a template will "bubble" down (which is the normal MW process) given that the refreshLinks job has finished and populated the changes.

Changes via the MW API[edit]

If changes to a wiki page are made via the MW API then registered extensions (incl. SMW) will pick up those changes and can adjust accordingly.

var mwApi = new mw.Api(),
title = 'SomeTitleToBeEdietd',
content = 'ContentIWantToChange';

mwApi.postWithToken( "edit", {
	action: "edit",
	title: title,
	section: 0, // Existing content will be replaced
	// summary: section, // no need for a section heading
	text: content
} ).done( function( result, jqXHR ) {
	// Do something
} ).fail( function( code, result ) {
	// Report something
} );

Semantic Cite example creating content (together with property and property value assignments) via the API.

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