Help:Combining results of multiple queries

Help:Combining results of multiple queriesCombining results of multiple queries/zh-hans
Combining results of multiple queries
Displaying the results of more than one inline query in one results display set (inline query)
Further Information
Provided by: Semantic Compound Queries
Minimum version: 0.1
Maximum version: still supported
Function: yes
Tag: no
Name: #compound_query
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The #compound_query parser function lets you display the results of more than one inline query within one results display set. It takes inputs similar to that of parser function #ask but can take in an unlimited number of queries, instead of just one. Extension "Semantic Compound Queries"Provides a parser function that displays multiple semantic queries at the same time provides this parser function.

The syntax for #compound_query is:

 [[Has type::Clothing]]
 ;?Has country=Country
 [[Has cuisine::Fast food]]
 ;?Has country=Country

An in-depth description of this parser function is available on this page.