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Currently Semantic MediaWiki (as of 1.9.2 and by the time of writing this help) does not support a "real" auto update (aka "smart" queries*) that would refresh the results of pages that include the query results but to mitigate this shortcoming the following scenarios are supported:

"smart" queries where an algorithm is used to find a data diff which would trigger a refresh of only those related subjects and its queries within the store (and hopefully invalidates the MediaWiki html/parser cache as well otherwise it prevents the page from displaying the updated results).

Manual refresh/store update[edit]

From Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.0 using "action=purge" ("refresh" tab not <F5> key) in combination with $smwgAutoRefreshOnPurge allows to refresh (update the store) of a single page manually.

Selected automatic refresh[edit]

If a manual refresh of a page is not an option, you could use the --query parameter in "rebuildData.php" maintenance script (introduced with Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.2) to select a group of pages (using a query condition) that are refreshed on a repeated schedule (through a job etc.).


What about $smwgQConceptCacheLifetime ?

As the name suggests the setting is only relevant to the "lifetime" of concept caches and has no effect on queries or caches that are not related to concepts.

Browser and F5 key

<F5> is only relevant to the browser cache which does not include the html/parser cache of a wikipage.

If you want to refresh a wikipage then you should use the provided "refresh" button (action=purge) to initiate a html/parser cache refresh.

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