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Configuration parameter details:
Name $smwgResultFormats
Description Configuration parameter for registering the names of result formats in SMW.
Default setting
[See below]
Software Semantic MediaWiki
Since version not specified
Until version still available
Configuration Special Ask
Keyword ask queries · printouts · result formats

This setting contains an array of all query result formats that the wiki supports. It is normally extended automatically by extensions that supply additional formats. However, it is also possible to set this array manually.

To register a new format you need to add your format name to $smwgResultFormats setting:

$GLOBALS['smwgResultFormats']['foo-format'] = \SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\FooResultPrinter::class;

To disable a format, e.g. template, do unset($smwgResultFormats['template']);. Disabled formats will be treated like if the format parameter had been omitted. The formats 'table' and 'list' are defaults that cannot be disabled. The format 'broadtable' should not be disabled either in order not to break Special:Ask.

The default list is to be found in /includes/DefaultSettings.php.

'smwgResultFormats' => [
			'table'      => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\TableResultPrinter',
			'broadtable' => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\TableResultPrinter',
			'list'       => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\ListResultPrinter',
			'plainlist'  => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\ListResultPrinter',
			'ol'         => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\ListResultPrinter',
			'ul'         => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\ListResultPrinter',
			'category'   => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\CategoryResultPrinter',
			'embedded'   => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\EmbeddedResultPrinter',
			'template'   => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\ListResultPrinter',
			'count'      => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\NullResultPrinter',
			'debug'      => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\NullResultPrinter',
			'feed'       => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\FeedExportPrinter',
			'csv'        => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\CsvFileExportPrinter',
			'templatefile' => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\TemplateFileExportPrinter',
			'dsv'        => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\DsvResultPrinter',
			'json'       => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\JsonResultPrinter',
			'rdf'        => 'SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\RdfResultPrinter'

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