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Title Has configuration parameter name::$smwgQEnabled
Description {{#set:|Has description=Activates or deactivates all query related features and interfaces|template=LinkToValue}}
Default setting Has default::true
Software Has component::Semantic MediaWiki
Introduced with {{#set: Has minimum version=1.0 |template=LinkToAskQueryForVersionIntroduced }}
Deprecated with still available
Configuration {{#set: Has configuration=Installation |+sep=; |template=LinkToAskQueryForRelatedConfiguration }}
Keyword {{#set: Has keyword=Query interface; query settings;Query features;Query performance |+sep=; |template=LinkToAskQueryForRelatedKeyword }}
Referenced by N/A

$smwgQEnabled is a configuration parameter that activates or deactivates all query related features and interfaces. The setting was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 1.0.

If this setting is disabled with false, then it is not possible to perform queries.