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ExtraneousLanguage provides "extraneous" language functions independent of MediaWiki required by Semantic MediaWiki and its registration system.

JSON format

The location of the language files is determined by the $smwgExtraneousLanguageFileDir setting.

Field definitions

  • @... fields leading with @ are identified as comments fields
  • fallbackLanguagedefines a fallback language tag
  • dataTypeLabels
  • dataTypeAliases
  • propertyLabels
  • propertyAliases
  • namespaces
  • namespaceAliases
  • dateFormatsByPrecision format used in connection with a specific precision and includes:
  • dateFormats to a define a rule set of how to resolve preferred date formats for dates with 1, 2, and 3 components. It is defined as an array where the constants define the order of the interpretation.
  • months twelve strings naming the months and short strings briefly naming the month
  • days follows ISO-8601 numeric representation, starting with Monday together with the corresponding short name


    "fallbackLanguage": false,
        "_wpg": "Page"
        "Page": "_wpg"
        "_TYPE": "Has type"
    "propertyAliases": {
        "Has type": "_TYPE"
        "SMW_NS_PROPERTY": "Property"
    "namespaceAliases": {
        "Property": "SMW_NS_PROPERTY"
    "dateFormatsByPrecision": {
        "SMW_PREC_YMDTZ": "H:i:s T, j F Y"
    "dateFormats": [
    "months": [

Date format constants

  • SMW_MDY Month-Day-Year
  • SMW_DMY Day-Month-Year
  • SMW_YMD Year-Month-Day
  • SMW_YDM Year-Day-Month
  • SMW_MY Month-Year
  • SMW_YM Year-Month
  • SMW_Y Year
  • SMW_YEAR an entered digit can be a year
  • SMW_DAY an entered digit can be a day
  • SMW_MONTH an entered digit can be a month
  • SMW_DAY_MONTH_YEAR an entered digit can be a day, month or year
  • SMW_DAY_YEAR an entered digit can be either a day or a year

Precision constants

  • SMW_PREC_Y Year
  • SMW_PREC_YMD Year, Month, and Day
  • SMW_PREC_YMDT Year, Month, Day, and Time
  • SMW_PREC_YMDTZ Year, Month, Day, Time and Timezone

Technical notes

  • ExtraneousLanguage interface for the language functions
    • LanguageContents to provide the raw content from a corresponding language file
    • JsonLanguageContentsFileReader providing access to the contents of a JSON file
    • LanguageFallbackFinder is responsible for resolving a fallback language

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