Examples/Queries/Subobject to display table rows

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Examples/QueriesExamples/Queries/Subobject to display table rows

This page shows an example on how to query for data stored in a subobject and to display the results in a table.


 [[-Has subobject::{{PAGENAME}}]] 
 | mainlabel=-
 | ?Assignment
 | ?Assignee
 | ?AddedDate = Added
 | ?Status
 | ?DueDate = Due
 | index=0
 | link=all
 | format=broadtable
 | headers=plain
 | class=sortable wikitable smwtable
 | default=no project / task found
Task 01MZ2015/03/10Open2016/03/31
Task 02MZ2015/03/10As planned2018/03/31
Task 03MS2015/03/10Overdue2015/11/26
Task 03MS2015/03/12Overdue2015/12/14

The subobject corresponding to the first line in the results table above:

|Assignment=Task 01
|Notes=Task 02
|Project=IT-Project/ZI TEST 01

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