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Population: 8,175,000
Located in: United States of America, New York State

New York City is located entirely within New York State which is part of the Demo:United States of America. The abbreviation for New York City is NYC.

The population of New York City is 8,175,000 according to WolframAlpha (as of October 14, 2013). Google reports the population of NYC @ 8,337,000 on the same day, though it lists the date of this information as: "2012."

Telephone Contacts[1][edit]

  • The telephone number for New York City is: 311.
  • You can also send a text to New York City @ 311692.
  • Calling 311 is not possible from outside of NYC; when outside NYC dial: 1-212-NEW-YORK;
  • Telecommunications Relay Service (TTY) is also available @ +1-212-504-4115


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