Contributing to Semantic MediaWiki

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Types of contributions

Committing code or patches

Anyone who commits code to the CM System has a special responsibility to check that the guidelines on this page are met, whether or not he was the one who wrote the code in the first place. Check that the following has been done before committing code:

  • The code has been read by the committer, and it was found to be readable and understandable.
  • The committer has verified that the code is secure. Especially, it was checked that no user-entered data is ever used in HTML or in SQL without being escaped properly (see MediaWiki security guidelines above).
  • The committer has tested the code to see if it really does work as expected. Each feature or bugfix that is essential for making the code useful must have been checked for at least one example. If the code includes configuration options, then it also must be tested that they work correctly.

Again: All code must be read and tested by the person committing it. These tasks can also be distributed among several SMW developers who have commit permissions, but ultimate responsibility is always with the person who does the commit. This is especially important for code coming from contributions via Bugzilla or email. Code from such sources must be considered as unreviewed and untested. Of course, if the contributor is experienced, then the code will be in such a readable and well-documented shape that the remaining work on the side of the committer is very little. Contributors should be pointed to this page to improve their code so that they can speed up the processing of their contribution.

Other repository links can be found at the respective module/extension help page.