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Depending on your intention, there are various means of contacting the Semantic MediaWiki-Project.

User support

Basic support questions can simply be asked at our user mailing list. See Help:Getting support for further options.

Live help can also be found in the #semanticmediawiki IRC Channel.

Getting involved

If you wish to get involved in developing SMW or in helping out in other ways, the public developer's mailing list is the right starting point for you. See Developer's support for further details.

Press releases, project coordination

Please contact Markus Krötzsch for any official requests related to SMW, and for coordinating cooperations with other projects. Note that this is not the proper place to get cost-free user support.


This site is maintained by Markus Krötzsch, and requests directly relating to this site should be sent to him. There is also an official Impressum as required by German law.

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