Help:Chart related result formats


These are the chart related result formats provided by SMW and extensions to SMW:

PageFormatDescriptionProvided byAdded inEnabledAuthors
D3 chart formatd3chartVarious charts using the d3.js as visualization librarySemantic Result Formats1.8.0truemwjames
Dygraphs formatdygraphshigh performance series charting using the dygraphs Javascript librarySemantic Result Formats1.8.0truemwjames
Jqplotseries formatjqplotseriesenable sets of numerical data to be displayed as a chart series using the jqPlot Javascript librarySemantic Result Formats1.8.0truemwjames
Sparkline formatsparklinegenerates small inline charts (also known as sparklines)Semantic Result Formats1.8.0truemwjames
Timeseries formattimeseriesaggregated values assigned to a date (property type date) are plotted as a line/bar chartSemantic Result Formats1.8.0truemwjames
Jqplotchart formatjqplotchartDisplays aggregated numerical data as a bar, line, pie, or donut chartSemantic Result Formats1.8.0truemwjames