Benzenesulfonic acid

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Has common chemical name::Benzenesulfonic acid
Formula: Has chemical formula::C6H5SO3H
Group of: +sep=;|template=LinkToAskQueryFromSetParserParameters }}
Other names: +sep=;|template=LinkToAskQueryFromSetParserParameters }}
CAS: Has cas number=98-11-3 }}
|Has acidity constant = 10 e3
|Has pKa value = -2.5


Benzenesulfonic acid is an organosulfur compound with the formula ... (see also wp:Benzenesulfonic_acid)

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How is the information stored on this page?

The information is stored via a template and via a subobject. That's the code used:

{{Chemical component
 |Chemical structure = C6H5SO3H-Benzenesulfonic-acid.png
 |Common name = Benzenesulfonic acid
 |Other names = Benzene sulphonic acid; Benzenesulphonic acid; Phenylsulfonic acid; Phenylsuphonic acid
 |Formula = C6H5SO3H
 |CAS = 98-11-3 
 |Group of = Heteroatom organic acids
 |Has acidity constant = 10 e3
 |Has pKa value = -2.5

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