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This help page documents how to benchmark the performance of Semantic MediaWiki.
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Benchmark tests are to use PHPUnit as integration platform and do not always represent the best tool for a performance comparison (as it depends on environmental factors such as hardware and software constraints which might not be under the control of the tester) but it can help to identify performance regressions among newly introduced features that run with the same environmental specification.

Benchmarks are not performed in isolation and therefore run in concert with the MediaWiki infrastructure to determine the overall performance impact during execution.

When using git, it is relatively easy to run tests and see if a change introduces a significant regression or improvement in terms of performance over the existing master branch by comparing test results of the master against a feature branch.

Designing benchmark tests

The definition of what benchmarks are executed is specified by a JSONScript found in the TestCases directory. Supported types are:

  • import to import data from an external source
  • contentCopy copy content from an internal source
  • editCopy edit content from an internal source
  • job running selected jobs
  • maintenance running selected maintenance scripts
  • query executing #ask queries

Running benchmark tests

Running composer benchmark from the Semantic MediaWiki base directory should output something similar to what can be seen below.

``` - mediawiki: "1.28.0-alpha" - semantic-mediawiki: "2.5.0-alpha" - environment: {"store":"SMWSQLStore3","db":"mysql"} - benchmarks - 35a205a6fa1db2cda4c484d3007953b3 - type: "import" - source: "import-001.xml" - memory: 5564360 - time: {"sum":5.9888241} - 054543b5702e6fcbccafd00bf6dd27ac - type: "contentCopy" - source: "import-001.xml" - import - memory: 351392 - time: {"sum":0.900929} - copy - copyFrom: "Lorem ipsum" - copyCount: 10 - memory: 75056 - time: {"sum":7.9295225,"mean":0.7929523,"sd":0.1008703,"norm":0.0792952} - time: 8.8402690887451