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ACTIVE is an European Union funded Integrated Project running from 2008 to 2011. ACTIVE aims to increase the productivity of knowledge workers in a pro-active, contextualised, yet easy and unobtrusive way. The aim is to convert tacit and unshared knowledge – the "hidden intelligence" of enterprises – into transferable, interoperable and actionable knowledge to support seamless collaboration and to enable problem solving. A key aspect will be support for informal procedural knowledge - the informal collaboration and problem-solving tasks that drive much knowledge work in the enterprise.

ACTIVE will integrate concepts, methods and tools from the fields of (i) Social Software and Web 2.0, (ii) Semantic Technologies, (iii) Context Mining, Context Modelling, and Context Sensitive Task Management, and (iv) Knowledge Process Mining, Knowledge Process Modelling and Pro-Active Knowledge Process Support into highly innovative application systems. The development will be accompanied by an analysis of key economic and organizational factors and incentive mechanisms, and strongly user-centric system development and evaluation.

Semantic MediaWiki is one of the applications being further developed in the ACTIVE project.

Project partners[edit]

  • BT
  • AIFB, University of Karlsruhe
  • STI, University of Innsbruck
  • Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana
  • European Microsoft Research Center, Aachen
  • Forschungszentrum für Rationalisierung, Aachen
  • iSoco, Madrid
  • Hermes Soft-Lab, Ljubljana
  • Kea-pro
  • Accenture
  • Cadence
  • Eurescom