Reviewing my translation


Hi there

I am trying to translate something on a daily basis and I am getting around quite well.

I have no dudes about the language, but it is not so easy for me to work out the templates. Would you be so kind as to have a look at the articles? Knowing when I should translate something, or it is a script and should be left as it is, is getting hard sometimes.

Is there an article on the structure a page should have, such as docinfo, infobox, categories, etc...?

Thank you for your patience

19:43, 23 February 2018


thanks for reaching out to me and to continue with the translations. Indeed the templates are the best a wiki has to offer but at the same time lead to complications too.

I have not looked at what you were trying to do and I believe this change and that change are the ones you were looking for.

Just imitate to get along well.


23:20, 26 February 2018