Mermaid with SMW


Hi Karsten, I have started the page User:Tenbergen/Mermaid with SMW.

It likely doesn't follow any of your standards or vision for this wiki, but I just fought my way through figuring this out and wanted to share. I wonder if Mermaid should also have it's own extension page like Extension:GraphViz but didn't know enough about the structure behind this wiki to put it there as needed. Also, wasn't sure what the status of the Gantt format is, so figured I'd leave that one alone. If you want me to try to turn this into an extension page or a help page, just give me a pointer.

04:41, 20 March 2019

Hi Tina, I am a bit "getrieben" at the moment. This is on my list. I guess I will have a look after this wiki moved to the new server. Cheers

18:25, 25 March 2019

Hi Karsten, just pinging this since some time has passed, and I just realized that a user sub page doesn't even show in the default searches. Do you mind if I move it over to the main space for now and you can always overwrite/delete it once you have something better?

05:54, 24 April 2019

Thanks a lot for your patience.

I have moved the page to an appropriate spot. The page still needs to be fluffed I believe. It will also be nice if you could set up a page for the Mermaid extension and link to the respective tip from it.

17:40, 24 April 2019

I have done this now.

16:28, 25 April 2019