Must I translate the internal links «Special:X/Y|X»?


What just comes to my mind: Never ever change the link [[Special:Types/Date|type]] to [[Especial:Tipos/Fecha|tipo]] because in this case everything breaks for people that use Spanish on a non Spanish wiki. You can only do [[Special:Types/Date|tipo]]. I think that adding an alternate label was possible before so disabling the link check was a pretty bad idea since it will do more harm than good.

11:38, 1 March 2018

Oh, true... Excuse me, Karsten. I will fix it in TranslateWiki. I will notice you. I am busy now, but I will do it and the Twitter issues soon.


16:07, 2 March 2018

Well I did not think of this either. No big deal but the links should remain canonical. I could have figured this out earlier, too. Still I understand why you originally asked for this. (related discussion for further reference)

18:53, 2 March 2018