Possible documentation typo, with template argument ordering

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> but shouldn't it be: {{{3}}} people squeeze into the {{{2}}} of {{{1}}}.

No, the order is correct because if you look at the data then a subject (1) (such as Amsterdam) has somewhere in its text declared that a population is of "783,364" within an area of "219 km²". (The order of the annotation that appears in a subject has no relevance but the order in the ask query determines its position for the template placeholder.)

The ask query:

{{#ask: [[Category:City]] [[Area::+]] [[Population::+]] -> (1)
 | ?Population=Inhabitants -> (2)
 | ?Area#km²=Size in km² -> (3)

will contain the subject at position (1), the population at (2), and the area at (3) hence the positional fix when "{{{2}}} people squeeze into the {{{3}}} of {{{1}}" gets answered. The template output will generate " 783,364 people squeeze into the 219 km² of Amsterdam.".

> I would simply edit this myself, but I'm new and have no confidence in my technical knowledge of SMW.

If you are unsure about what works and what doesn't, you are welcome to use [0] for such experiments. Don't be a stranger if comes to testing or questions and of course some documentation will need a nudge to make it easier for the less experienced users to find its way around SMW but here we are counting on users like you that with the help of a fresh pair of eyes can improve the situation.

[0] http://sandbox.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Main_Page

03:26, 11 October 2015