Changing the Order of Filtered Value Options


I am using this filtered results for properties with pre-defined values. For example:

|?Has Age = Age|+filter=value|+value filter height=200px|+value filter collapsible=uncollapsed

The values for 'Has Age' property is like: 0 to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, 1 year, 4 year, etc...

But the problem is, since the filter options are auto-listing it in alphabetical / numerical order, it is placing 6-12 months last on the list which I dont want. So it ends up looking like this:

0 to 6 months, 1 year, 4 year, 6 to 12 months,

How do I change it so the filter value options are actually listed like the default way it is in its properties and not sort them in numerical order which doesnt apply for this as it stuffs up the order of the list?

07:38, 13 September 2013

Here is the solution given by Neill and it works perfect:

you can specify the order of the values. Simply add:

|+value filter values=0 to 6 months,6 to 12 months,1 year,4 years

21:49, 13 September 2013